Complaints and Treating Customers Fairly Policies

Our company culture is based on always doing what is best for our customers. It is our goal to deal with all complaints immediately to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Complaints should be reported using the link below. Please give us a brief description of your concern and a contact name and number so that we may follow-up. 

    Treating Customers Fairly Policy

    At Sigma, our culture is based on always doing what is best for our customers. We are dedicated to paying close attention, and acting rapidly, to our resolve customer needs and complaints. It is our practice to treat all customers fairly and with the respect they deserve.

    Code of Conduct

    • Uphold Sigma’s position on treating customers fairly
    • Uphold the principles of this policy
    • Appropriately manage and resolve conflicts of interest as they arise
    • Display due diligence, honesty and integrity in all matters
    • Conduct their actions in the best interests of our customers at all times by employing the “Test of Best Interest”, whereby the individual must always be asking themselves if what they are doing is in the best interests of the customer and whether or not they have the customer’s interest as foremost in their mind when they act
    • Uphold their duty to be aware of the conflicts of interest applicable to themselves and the work they undertake

    Operating Principles of Sigma Underwriting Managers:

    Management and Controls Take reasonable care to organize and control its affairs responsibly and effectively, with adequate risk management and systems.

    Customers’ Interests Must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly.

    Communications with Customers Must pay due regard to the information needs of its customers and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading.

    Conflicts of Interests Must manage conflicts of interest fairly, both between itself and its customers, and between a customer and another stakeholder.