AOR/BOR Procedures

  • No AOR/BOR will be processed if received within 10 calendar days of the effective date.
  • No AOR/BOR will be accepted if coverage is currently written by Sigma for an Elite+ Retail Producer.
  • No AOR/BOR will be processed unless submitted along with the information listed by the Submission Checklist – All Perils in our Account Reservation Guidelines.
  • An AOR/BOR must be on the insured’s letterhead and signed by an officer of the corporation/association. This letter must specify the carrier, name the retail agent or the wholesale broker, if applicable.  If it relates to a Sigma renewal, the policy number is required.  Letters granting blanket authority will not be accepted.
  • Acceptable AOR/BORs will be processed with a notification period of 5 calendar days. After which, the submission will be released if no rescinding letter is received. The incumbent broker/agent may waive the rescinding period to release the submission.
  • If a retail agent has reserved a risk through a broker, and subsequently decides to appoint another broker, the retail agent must submit a written request. This request will be subject to a 5 calendar day notification period, unless the incumbent broker waives the rescinding period.
  • Once the rescinding period has ended, the new broker/agent will be recognized and the quote will be issued with NO changes in rate.
  • Only 1 rescinding AOR/BOR will be accepted.
  • All AOR/BORs should be sent to the assigned underwriter.

All questions regarding AOR/BORs should be referred to the assigned underwriter or to Jeff Herrera at [email protected] or 954-894-1460.